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Golden palm



Attractive clumping palm with slender graceful yellowish stems to 8m tall and foliage nearly to the base

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Date palm



The date palm is a suckering palm that is usually pruned to have only one trunk. Trimmed in this manner the Date Palm will grow to heights of 100 feet. Leaflets near...

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Seaforthia palm



seaforthia palm is Tall slender palm with a distinctive ringed trunk and large graceful deep green feathery arching foliage tolerant to heat & humidity, wind Th...

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Royal palm



reaches a height of 20–30 metres They are green when immature, turning red and eventually purplish-black as they mature

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Mondo Grass



Evergreen, dark green 1/8" leaf blades.  Spreads by underground stolons. is suitable for adding texture to the garden.

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Liriope grass



liriope is evergreen plant

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Maidenhair fern



ferns are soft and lacy plants which have a variety of uses both indoors and outside. Finely foliaged, evergreen plants, that can grow to 1 metre in height They ca...

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donkey’s tail sedum



it takes more than five years for donkey's tail to grow 4 inches tall which its height while mature. As it grows it gets very thick with those trailing stems heavil...

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Tolerant of heat and humidity, attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies,

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miniature cycad



Cycads can be used virtually anywhere but do well as feature plants in a dry land garden design

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