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Artificial grass



Artificial grass is used where natural grass would not grow. These are areas such as shaded balconies and terraces where there is no full sun or where drainage would...

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Ksh5000 pick up, 3 tonne truck 13,000. Large quantities Ksh 2150 per cubic metre

Manure will give your lawn, garden, indoor plant or farm nutrition and sustain good soil properties for a long time. Contact us now for delivery.

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Red soil


KshKsh 9500 per tipper truck

Red soil is smooth, well drained and has no weed seeds. Because is it excavated below the surface, it is unlikely to have weeds. It is selected such that there are n...

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pemba grass


Ksh100 for seedlings covering 1sqm

Its a  partial shaded bright green grass native to east africa coast hence suitable for planting in warm coastal areas,wetlands It is well grazed by animals. Leaf-b...

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Green wandering Jew



Green wandering Jew is a trailing ground cover plant with succulent stems. It trails beautifully from hanging baskets and balcony planters.

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Evergreen flowering shrublet The size of the plant varies when planted in different growing environments. From about one metre as a low bushy plant in the open, whi...

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Eastern cape giant cycad



An ornamental plant found near the coastal  habitat ranging from open shrub land on steep rocky slopes to closed evergreen forest in valleys. The Eastern Cape gia...

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Dwarf cycad



Has a very short ‘trunk’ and twisted dark green leaves that are composed of smooth-edged individual leaflets. Plants are either male or female. Leaf length: 30 - 5...

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English lavender



Lavender flowers and the green leaves provides color and contrast to border front, rock garden, cottage gardens,knot gardens, herb garden or scented garden. Can be p...

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French Lavender



Its an evergreen shrub. This drought-tolerant plant thrives in a sunny border, container, herb or gravel gardens. Has the more traditional gray leaves but with ser...

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